That Day

That morning began with him not wanting to go on the family outing that we had planned.  We had planned to take the kids to a nearby town to visit a museum and spend time in the park.  I was upset that he didn’t want to go.  He thought we should do something else, but came up with no alternate solutions.  We fought again.  Then we made up, had breakfast, and made love.  I don’t think we ended up going anywhere with the kids.  It was a Saturday in April, and I had been extremely busy with homework and just wanted to get out of the house and enjoy myself.  Then a friend of mine invited me to a bonfire at her house.  I tried to get him to go, but at the last minute he decided not to.

I went to the bonfire without him.  It was nice to be outside, listening to the other guests play instruments and talk.  It was very low key and I wasn’t drinking, just good clean fun. I text to check in throughout the evening, and I left around 1 am.  On the way home I called him.  He said he had gone to pick up food.  I beat him home and when he arrived everything turned very bad.

He started to question me as though I had done something wrong.  He was drunk and extremely mean. He accused me of cheating on him with other guests at the bonfire. Then he took off.  I spent the entire night trying to call him, but he had turned his phone off.  He had taken off drunk and upset many times before, but always made his way home.  I worried he had been arrested or gotten in a car accident.  I finally got a couple hours of sleep around 3 am. At five am I woke up and decided to go look for him.  I drove around the places that I thought he may have been, but never saw his car.  Then on the way home I saw it, parked just around the corner from our house.  I pulled over to see if he was sleeping inside.  The car was empty.  I went home and started calling again. He never answered. My heart was in my stomach and I threw up.


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