The Bombshell

He came home at around 7 am.  He plopped down on the couch and passed out immediately.  I raged.  Where the hell were you? What the F@^& were you doing?  He could barely answer me.  He finally told me he was at a friends.  What friend?  You don’t have any friends over there? I saw your car parked on the road.  Who in those apartments is your friend?  I demanded to see his phone.  He pulled it out and did something to it. Deleted something if you ask me.  I demanded that he get up and take care of his son before i called his baby mam to tell her to pick him up.  That got his attention.  He got up.  I told him to pack his shit and get out.  I was so upset.  I got on the phone and was able to find a place for him to go so he could get out immediately.  The daughter of a former friend had a room he could stay in.  Immediately after that was a blur.  He left and took his son to his baby mama’s house.  I left too.  during this time he packed and text me.  He swore he didn’t cheat. He had got drunk and passed out at the house of his former co-worker.  Someone he gad slept with in the past.  He was still adamant that he didn’t cheat on me.

When I did come home he showed up to get some of his things.  That’s when he finally told me.  He had gone to the bar, but it was closing, and he saw his old co-worker and her girlfriends waiting for a cab.  He gave them a ride.  That’s where he was when he told me he was getting food.  After he left again he went back to her apartment. Then he told me he cheated with his old co-workers friend. At fist he said it was just kissing.  Then as I pressed him he said there was touching too.  I found her on Facebook and messaged her. I will call her Angelica.  That’s when I found out everything.  He showed up and started drinking.  When everyone went to bed it was just Angelica and him on the couch.  He started kissing her and fondling her.  then he left to go throw up and passed out on the bathroom floor.  He woke up before everyone else and went back to kissing Angelica.  They went into the bathroom and he took down his pants so she could fondle him while he had his mouth all over her body.  This would have continued but I called and my pet name on his phone was enough for Angelica to realize who I was to him.  He left to come home.  She had given him her number, and I am guessing that is what he deleted when I asked for his phone.


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